headshot2My name is Scott Patrick. I recently graduated from American University with a PhD in political science. My research interests include Western hegemony, global political economy, Marxist theory, cultural manipulation, ideology, and dependency theory. I live and work in Washington, D.C. I am currently searching for an academic job.

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My dissertation examined the representation in influential Western media publications of Sub-Saharan Africa, its development, and Western involvement in the subcontinent. Specifically, it used a combined approach of corpus linguistics and critical discourse analysis to locate important keywords, phrases, patterns, and discursive strategies in a corpus of approximately 500 thousand words drawn from 576 articles published in Western newspapers and business magazines between 1975 and 2009. Drawing on cultural studies in other disciplines (including postcolonial studies) as well as political theories of imperialism and dependency, my dissertation explored whether the discourses found within the corpus supported Western hegemony in Sub-Saharan Africa, from the economic restructuring of African economies to recent competition between the West and emerging economies such as China increasing their presence in Africa. (Spoiler alert: they did.)

If you’d like to contact me concerning employment opportunities, research collaboration, professional questions, or for media appearances: scottthomaspatrick@gmail.com

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  1. I read your post about Oklahoma’s Socialist history. As I indicated in a comment to the post, I recently wrote a very similar social media post, including the state’s distinction of evolving from the reddest into the reddest.

    I am curious as to what piqued your interest in this? Also, I’d like to know the topic of your dissertation, if you wouldn’t mind sharing it with me. I’m a Progressive Okie interested in all things political. Keep up the great (and fascinating) work! KDM

    • Sorry for the late reply Kirsten. My interest in Oklahoma’s socialist history stems from me being both an Okie and a socialist, as well as how to make left-wing political movements appealing to otherwise conservative elements of the working class. My dissertation was about how the Western media has used discourses to construct an image of “Africa” within the Western psyche that promotes and legitimates Western intervention in Sub-Saharan Africa, specifically in terms of the political and economic development of countries there. Thank you for your kind words and I wish you the very best as well.

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