A Bit of Poetry

It’s a bit rich for FOX News to suggest that it’s the victim of a political witch hunt. To be fair, FOX News has never been biased in its coverage of witches. Admittedly, it has been unfair and unbalanced in regards to certain topics… Like welfare queens, Howard Dean, rebellious teens, gay rights advocates, MSNBC analysts, anti-war pacifists, class antagonists, judges that are activist, illegal immigrants, student militants, death penalty abolitionists, the AFL-CIO, watchers of the Daily Show, subsidies to public radio, Clinton getting fellatio, multiracial tolerance, Northeastern RINO moderates, John Edwards’ cheating, Anthony Weiner’s tweeting, Obama appointees, Gitmo Bay detainees, torture critics, abortion clinics, global warming, WikiLeaks informing, celebrity paparazzi, man-hating feminazis, Iranian apologists, New York Times columnists, left-wing writers, pillow-biters, Hollywood egotists, secular hedonists, the rising price of gas, attacks upon the ruling class, crossdressers and transexuals, pointy-headed intellectuals, affirmative action hires, smelly Wall Street Occupiers, civil libertarians, vocal vegetarians, egalitarian humanitarians, the Chinese, rap CDs, Obama merchandisers, community organizers, growing budget deficits, detention that’s not indefinite, Keynesian stimulus, lack of border vigilance, failure to observe Leviticus, cutting Pentagon weaponry, treating France respectfully, denying U.S. supremacy, anybody surnamed Kennedy, Al Gore, the culture war, holding terrorists on our shores, policies that cause inflation, bilingual education, public transportation, more financial regulation, Tim Geithner’s tax evasion, trial laywer litigants, Obama’s birth certificate, extending jobless benefits, promoting selflessness, clean coal, gun control, skewed liberal opinion polls, Ron Paul, but most of all…George Soros’ many riches… But never EVER witches.

(With apologies to the excellent Charlie Brooker)


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